Monday, April 21, 2008

I am...

All About Me Survey
I Amindecisive
I Wanta baby
I Havea great hubby
I Wishto be debt free
I Hatejudgemental hypocrites
I Fearnever having children
I Hearthe radio next to my desk
I Searchebay multiple times a day
I Wonderif I made the right choice
I Regretnot finishing my degree in 2002
I Lovemy hubby and fur babies
I Achefrom my run Saturday
I Alwaysneed more sleep
I Usuallywear wicked cool shoes
I Am Notfond of spiders
I Danceto the beat of my own drummer
I Singwhenever no one is listening
I Neverstay as organized as I want to
I Rarelyfinish my to do lists
I Cryway too much
I Am Not Alwaysfriendly...yes, really.
I Loseemotional control
I'm Confusedabout where to go next in life
I Needto win a million dollars
I Shouldget back to work ;)
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If you read this - consider yourself tagged.

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