Friday, April 11, 2008

Meet #78

Meet the newest member of our (well, my shoe) family:

#78 came to me all the way from Florida. The dark pink is a bit darker than the picture shows, and I absolutly LOVE these shoes. I think I may wear them for the Deal or no Deal casting call.

While I was parading the new shoes around I actually had the thought that I may have too many shoes (gasp!) so I am going to put my memory to the test. I am going to write all 78 pairs down and see if I can 'name them one by one'...if I can, then I'm golden, if I can't then I will be forced to downsize my shoe family.


ChristinaS said...

those are really cool Holly... I can't wait to see you site off all your shoes.. Sounds like fun! Good luck! I'm sure you would hate to see you lose any member of that

Abby said...

Those are smashing shoes. Even I'd like to wear those, if I had anything for them to go with, which I don't of course.