Friday, July 24, 2009


Sorry for not updating, but my days are not really that exciting. An average day goes like this:

Up at 5:45 to go walking with Sara at 6
Back between 8 & 9
Search, Craigslist,, hotjobs, etc for jobs
Send out resumes
Watch TV/read/craft something
Kill time till Nathan gets home
Take Besta out

Exciting huh?? This weekend should be a little more exciting. We've got some super fun stuff planned for Saturday and Sunday and the best part is that they are both FREE! Hope all of you Beehive State'rs have a good holiday weekend, I wish I was there. Well, truthfully I wish I was at Bear Lake. :)


onedayatatime said...

do you Seriously walk for 2-3 hours? wOW!

Lori said...

your life sounds like mine. :)

Holly said...

Not three hours. We try and leave at 6, but we run late sometimes so on the mornings we don't get out the door until 6:30 we're out til 9. We walk about 1.5 hours of that, the rest is doing strength training on mats at the beach.

Abby said...

My days are boring lately, too, or at least not exciting to anyone else certainly. I haven't blogged much either, for the same reason. Such is life.