Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Feast or Famine

It is crazy how in life it seems like it is either feast or famine.

I have been on the hunt for a job for over three months. I had one interview right at the very beginning (like the day after I submitted my first resume), I was offered the job and I turned it down (it was an hour commute each way). At the time I thought that if I had received an offer only 24 hours into my job search I was sure to find something else soon, so I had no hesitation turning the job down. After that it was famine. I sent off at least one resume EVERY DAY, most days I sent of several. I only heard back from the scammers. My favorite was the guy who was going to pay me $30/hr to sit at home and 'process payments'. All I had to do was deposit the payments into my checking account, and simply forward the money on to him. Minus my salary of course. If only it were that easy.
Then I appealed for help. I had the thought to update my profile on Monster.com, so I did. The next day I got a call from a corporate recruiter. When I was on my way to that interview I got a call from another recruiter. Then today I get an email response from one of my Craigslist submissions. Talk about a feast.

First is an Admin Assistant position for a payment processing company. The company is about a 30 minute drive, which I'm learning is not bad for Chicagoland. The hours would be funky though...most days I would work 6am-2pm, but sometimes I would need to work 12pm-9pm. I already interviewed with the staffing agency recruiter and she forwarded my resume on to the company and they want to interview me. That one is this Thursday.
Second is the Group Administrator for a marketing/digital consulting firm. This job is downtown, and is super convienient since the Metra line that runs in our area ends in the building where this company is located. It would be about an hour commute each day when you factor in the walk to the Metra stop and then the time on the train (funny how now an hour commute doesn't seem so bad). I have had two phone interviews with them so far. Next is a face-to-face, they are supposed to call me Tuesday to set it up. When I asked, I was told the field has been narrowed to 3.
Third is a Receptionist for an indoor softball facility. This would be way more laid back than the others, and I don't think it would be near as much money, BUT it is the closest to our place...it is actually on the same street we live on, just about 40 blocks west. I have an interview with them on Wednesday.

So, the field is ripe, ready to harvest...here's to hoping I get a couple offers, well, I'd be happy with one. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, I know they have helped.


Chels said...

Good luck. I hope you get something soon. I hate the job search process but it looks like you're almost at the end of it.

Bennett family said...

I sure hope one of those works out for you!! We're on the hunt as well and it really scares me! Yay for the feasting!

Happy Herrons said...

Yah! Yah! Yah! Now we can focus the prayers on selling the house.