Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Farmer Boy

Nathan has been on leave this last week, but since funds are short we opted for a staycation! Saturday we got up early and drove to the John Deere Pavilion in Moline, IL. Nathan is a farmer at heart so I thought he would enjoy seeing some tractors and such.

He was so cute, trying to explain what each piece of equipment did. Funny thing is that there were many "Nathans" there trying to explain the complexities of farming to glossy-eyed "Hollys".

He even got to ride in one. Ok, he isn't exactly riding, but he is sitting.

I posted more pics on facebook and quite a few arty ones on my photoblog. You should check them out. Really, you should.


Lori said...

that's AWESOME. i'm excited to see you in a couple of weeks!

Sheila said...

Those pictures are great! My "know it all John Deere" was telling me about it, too! :) Like brother, like brother.