Thursday, November 19, 2009

16, 17, 18

16: Motivation - For some reason this past weekend (and Monday) sparked some motivation in Nathan to want to clean up our second bedroom...and the motivation was contagious. We made some great headway on that room - hopefully we can get it set up soon. I'm thankful that Nathan caught the motivation bug and that he passed it to me.

17: Cool new Knife Block - I got this in the mail on the 17th. Coolest knife block ever. Thanks mom! I can now be civilized and keep all our knives in a block and not all stuffed in a flower vase.

18: 4th Floor Living - If we didn't live on the fourth floor I might not ever get any exercise. I try and take the stairs whenever possible and most days it is the only form of exercise I get. I'm grateful that I have the ability to walk and to climb stairs and for those 57 stairs I hike up and down every day.

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