Wednesday, November 11, 2009

9 & 10

9: Leftovers - We don't usually have leftovers, so my lunch is PB & J...which is totally cool, but it gets old week after week. Friday night I made a huge wok of jambalaya (mmm..) and I still had a little left for lunch on Monday. My lunch was the envy of the lunchroom.

10: Pre-made cookie dough - A few weeks back I bought some frozen cookie dough (Otis Spunkmeyer!) from one of the ladies at work...her daughter was selling them for her school. I had completely forgotten about it until she brought it to me today. I'll give you one guess what we had for dinner. :)

(I think it is funny that both of these were food...)

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Abby said...

You seriously had cookies for dinner? Awesome!