Monday, November 09, 2009


FSA is a support group for all parties involved in adoption. We went to our Chapter's Annual November Conference on Saturday. It was exciting to meet some other couples who know what we're going through and who have been through it and survived. I spoke with the Chapter Chair and told her to put me to work. I want to get involved, I want to help out and get our Chapter active. Well, I've already started. I created a Facebook page for our Chapter, and Nathan and I are now volunteering as the Media/PR Coordinators. I have started contributing to the Chapter's blog. You can read my first post here. I am really excited for this new adventure. Even if it is not directly moving our adoption process forward I feel like I'm doing something.

As far as our adoption is concerned, we will be meeting with our social worker for our intake interview in a little over a week. It is still surreal to me that we are actually moving forward. I think being busy with the FSA Chapter will help with all the nervous energy I will have waiting for things on our end to go through.


Kara Brownell said...

I think that is awesome you are getting involved! it does make a huge difference to have people around who get it!
Kara :)

Happy Herrons said...

Yah Yah YAh! It ALWAYS helps to be involved - then you know what is going on! Are you going to a regional conference? They are SO awesome. I am SUPER excited for you - email me if you have questions about any of the process!!

Anonymous said...

Best luck on your intake interview. You two will be great.