Monday, November 16, 2009

13, 14, 15

13: Movie Night - Friday night Nathan and I made Muddy Buddies. mmmm... add popcorn and a Diet Coke and you've got perfect movie treats. :) Movie nights with my schnookums and my fur children are the best.

14: Goodwill - I made a trip to Goodwill with a couple close friends and I am always amazed at the deals we find there. I have found many treasures there...remember this? And this? And these? Not to mention the clothes...I've scored a pair of jeans from GAP, a pair of Tommy Hillfiger Khakis, a DKNY long denim skirt, many shirts and a couple dresses. All in awesome condition, most brand new. (Goodwill tip: find one in a 'ritzy' area...they tend to have nicer stuff) Yesterday I scored an armload of Disney hardback books ($0.89/ea), another pair of GAP jeans ($4.99...brand new), and three shirts ($3.99/ea). It has been nice to have Goodwill as an option for us, with a tight budget new clothes seem a bit out of reach, but you can't pass up brand new GAP jeans for $4.99!

15: Sunday Night Football - Pats v. Colts baby!


Lori said...

i REALLY need to be checking out goodwill

onedayatatime said...

There are 2 goodwills here ... a brand new one in Silverdale and then one in Bremerton. Don't know if yours does it this way, but every Thursday-Sunday, a certain color tag is 1/2 off -- so I like to go on Thursday morning and hit them both.

Happy Herrons said...

Man, good thing you moved, the DI's here SUCK!