Friday, March 12, 2010

Button help

I've had a few people have trouble with the button...I'm sorry I didn't give more detailed instructions on how to post it.  I have that tricky copyright thing on here and I forgot that would keep you from being able to just right click.  I guess I had a little bit of a brain fart.

Ok, so here's how you add the button to your blog.

First, scroll down to the bottom of my blog.  Find this:

 Click anywhere in the little white box.  Press the Control Key and the A key to highlight everything.  It should look like this:
Then press the Control Key and the C key to copy everything that is highlighted.  Go to your Layout tab on your blog screen.

Click on Add a Gadget

In the pop box that comes up, select HTML/JavaScript.

Then in the large open box, paste the stuff you copied.  You can do this by right-clicking and selecting Paste or by pressing the Control Key and the V key.  Fill in a title if you want. It should look like this:

Click Save and you're done.


Max and Joy Chen said...

Thank you for making that idiot proof, a.k.a. Joy proof. I've wanted to do that but I didn't know how.

ChristinaS said...

tried doing it step by step how yo said and as you see it didn't work.. so I thought I would hand type it out and post it and that didn't work either.. but i did post it to my fb acct. So i did some.. Sorry couldnt do much better. good luck guys!