Tuesday, March 16, 2010

::slaps palm to forehead::

I called our caseworker again today.  I sent him an email a week ago Friday and I still hadn't heard so I decided to try the phone.  I had a nice pep talk with myself before so that  if  when I heard bad news I wouldn't be sent in a downward spiral...I was not prepared for a downward spiral...there was no Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper in the house (I'm not keeping it in the house anymore...part of my new 'be healthy' plan...no soda in the house).

Ok, back to the story.  I got him on the phone and asked how that second signature was coming along.  It isn't, he says (surprise, surprise...we've been waiting for this sucker since January).  They STILL haven't heard back from the state on the training for the new person.  "But," he says, "I'm just going to send the paperwork to the person who left the office and have him sign it."


I hung up the phone and told Nathan.  We giggled, then got mad, then giggled some more.  Now why he just didn't do that from the beginning is beyond us.

So hopefully if all goes well we'll have the coveted second signature in a week or so...then our paperwork goes to the state for the background check.    Not too worried about passing that..we buried those bodies pretty good.  (kidding, kidding)  Then home visit and then {{FINALLY}} approval.  Keep those prayers coming, they're working!


Sheila said...

Some people, why do they have to make things harder? Too crazy. I'm glad he finally "got it" and it's on the way to the next step! Love the new blog by the way!!!!

onedayatatime said...

Almost seems like he doesn't quite "get it" that people's lives are on hold per his actions or lack of.

Lori said...

oh good!! yay!