Sunday, July 04, 2010

Invasion of the baby brother (and wife)

My baby brother flew to The Chi a week ago Wednesday to stay for the weekend and play.  I tell you what, when my mom and SIL's were here I thought we did a lot...but my weekend with Brad and Kass put that one to shame.  I am still tired!  Here's the rundown:

Wednesday (well...technically Thursday, but I'm calling it Wednesday)
Flight arrives at 12:15am
Tacos to-go from Los Comales at 12:45am
Eat tacos at home - get to bed about 2am

Ran to Target to get White Sox apparel
Sox Game - Note to self: WEAR SUNSCREEN next time
Took train back into the city
Saw the Bean, Grant Park, Millenium Park, weird Chinese art
Walked/window-shopped up Mag Mile to John Hancock Center- did observation deck
Nathan met us for dinner at Bubba Gump's
Saw/Shopped/Ride rides at Navy Pier until it closed at 10pm

Sox game (love that blond girl behind Brad)

Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier.  Poor Nathan is so pale - he didn't fare too well on the swings.  I am burnt to a crisp from the game. 

Worked from 6:30am-10:30am
Miller Brewery Tour in Milwaukee (Brad LOVES Miller Geniune Draft Beer...I think the only reason he came to visit was to go on this tour.  I don't drink beer, but I love my brother so I was happy to take him)
Dinner at rock Bottom Brewery
Summerfest to see 311 play
Concert ended at midnight...we got home right around 3am
Miller Brewery Tour
311 concert.  Nathan's first rock concert.  I got beer spilled on my hair, legs and feet...but it was still awesome.  My ears were still ringing the next day.

Shedd Aquarium
Korean BBQ with friends
Pie at Bakers Square
Watched a rented movie at our place
 Shedd Aquarium (love this pic)
 Korean BBQ - Baby octopus - yummy :)

Jelly Belly Factory in Wisconsin (12 lbs of Jelly Beans and 10lbs of Hodgepodge...can you say sugar coma?)
Outlets (quickest outlet trip EVER - we just did Nike, Underarmor, Ghirardelli and Pepperidge Farm)
Drove home so I could leave for work at 5
Worked from 6-8pm
Got home from work at 8:45pm
Made sushi for dinner
Played games until 2am
 Jelly Belly - love this place!
 I love me some sushi

Taste of Chicago
Took them back to the airport
 The Taste

Pfew!  I got tired just typing all that again. 

No one can say that if you come to Chicago we don't try and show you a good time!

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Salmon Tolman Family said...

Holy WOW!!! That is SOME itinerary!!! I can't believe you crammed so much in! Two notes:
1. That's really Nate's first rock concert? That seems so crazy. and 2. The photo of that baby octopus makes me want to throw up. Did you really eat that?!!