Monday, July 19, 2010

Memory Lane Monday: Mmmmm...Sundae

In my first and second years at college, my roommate Becky (today happens to be her birthday - Happy Birthday Beck!!) and I shared a lot of the same classes.  We usually ate lunch together too...and when we did we always had to get some sort of sweet to top off the meal.   Most of the time we would pick up a couple pieces of candy, but occasionally we'd splurge and split a hot fudge sundae in The Hub.  On one such occasion we waited patiently in line and we ordered our Aggie Ice Cream Hot Fudge Sundae.  We got our dish of yumminess and made our way to a table in the crowded cafeteria.  We started eating the sundae and something just -wasn't-quite-right-.  A few more spoonfuls and some careful pallet discerning and we discovered the error.  The super friendly food court worker had topped our wonderful sundae with barbeque sauce instead of hot fudge.  We took it back and she was so embarrassed.  To this day, I cannot get an ice cream sundae without thinking of our BBQ Sundae.

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