Thursday, July 08, 2010

At it again

Our crazy downstairs neighbor is at it again.  You may remember this little gem.  (Re: walking too heavy)  Then comes today (bear in mind this isn't the only contact we have with her...she is always sending me emails with random questions).  I took the day off to spend with my sweetie.  He had to work all weekend and I had to work some of it.  I wanted to spend time with him...and there were a few projects I've been meaning to work on but just haven't had the time (I work 6 days a week).   I spent the majority of the day cutting fabric squares for a quilt and earlier this evening after I had them all laid out I started sewing.  I thought nothing of it...until I got yet another passive-aggressive email from our downstairs neighbor:

Hi You Two - For 2 hours now I've been dying of curiosity about where the sound is coming from that sounds like a distant or muted jack-hammer.  For a while I thought it was coming from my former hair salon next door, esp. since I've seen some activity over there lately.  I just can't determine where it's coming from or why it's going on late on a week night. You know I'm a night owl so, being only 11PM, it's not keeping me awake but I bet it's keeping a few people awake.  
Do you have a clue what it is or was ?   
Deb   773 764-****

Here's the thing...she obviously knows it is coming from above her (meaning us) she KNOWS it's us...but yet she plays dumb.  I didn't honestly think it was making much is a sewing machine, not a jackhammer!  I have seriously had just about all I can take from her.

Normally this wouldn't bother fact, we've gotten quite a few little passive aggressive emails from her over the last 18 months and most of them I just ignore.  But today my emotions are teetering on the edge of a mental breakdown (can't get into it today...not nearly enough time) and this STUPID email just set me off.  Nathan has long since gone to bed (he is a mere 30 feet from the "muted jackhammer" and he is sleeping just fine!) and so here I sit...on my big chair, typing through tears.  I {love} Chicago and I {love} our apartment...but I am beginning to {{HATE}} living above this crazy woman.


Ryann said...

Write her back and tell her that you have no idea what the noise is. And that if she finds out to let you know. What a noisy woman!

.Lane & Jesika. said...

What a FREAK!!! You should just email her back and say that you were busy doing what married couples do and sorry that it sounded like a muted jackhammer! HA HA HA!!! FREAK!!

Lori said...


Abby said...

How old is this woman anyway? What did you end up saying back?

Salmon Tolman Family said...

the nice thing about emails is that you don't have to confront the person face to face, as in:
Hi you one,
For the past 2 hours, I've been dying of curiosity why I keep getting random and nosy emails. I thought maybe they were coming from those annoying women from the salon next door, but I just can't determine who is crazy enough to keep butting into my life. You know I'm a night owl, and I enjoy being up late with my hubby who I never see because we both work, but these emails are keeping me awake and irritated. Do you have any clue why I'm receiving these emails or who they're from? I'd like to do something about it...
hope that helps!!! Good luck with the insane neighbor!

Holly said...

Thanks everybody!
I didn't reply back. If I would have it would have been NOT very nice. Something like this:

Dear Ms Nosy,
Yes, you heard a sound. I was sewing a quilt...not using a jackhammer as you so passive aggressively alluded. I am so sorry the noise kept you curious for two hours. I would love to have two free hours to mull about in curiosity over a muted sound. Instead, I work six days a week and every minute I'm home I need to fill with the necessary chores to keep our household running.

I'm planning on running the dishwasher later, would you like me to let you know first so you won't be wondering what that sound is?

Snarky in 405

onedayatatime said...

Ha! I like the "married couples" comment. We had awful neighbors in Newport (our first place) and I know that stress all too well. Do you ever see/talk to her, or is it only through all this crazy email?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it kind of passive aggressive to post about it on your blog, but not say anything to her in person?

Nathan said...

Isn't a little passive aggressive to leave a stupid ass anonymous comment on somebody else's blog?


Janus said...

You tell him, Nate!!

love ya, bro

Cina said...

Drop a rock on the floor, email her right away and ask, did you hear that?