Monday, August 23, 2010

Memory Lane Monday: Fish CPR

When I was younger (like 7 or 8?) I went on a camping trip with my family.   I feel like I should mention that my family is an outdoorsy family.  Three seasons of the year we would be camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, etc.  I believe we were camping in Logan canyon on this particular trip and I was fishing on a bridge over the Logan River.  Somehow I never connected that if you caught a fish it died.  Not sure how I missed that tiny detail.  Anywhoo..I caught a fish and watched as it stopped breathing and I freaked out.  So I tried to give the fish CPR.  I think there is a picture somewhere in my mom's house of me bent over the fish, and then a family photo of me teary eyes holding the fish who didn't make it.  ( should find that pic and email it to me)
No one can say I don't have a soft spot for animals.


Salmon Tolman Family said...

that story makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

me and him said...

that is so cute! you were kind hearted from the very beginning!

i just read through your blog and my eyes welled up with tears. i wish i wasn't offering my sympathy through a blog. i wish i could be there to hug you and let you cry on my shoulder. i am so sorry for your loss and for the heartache of this trial/anguish. you are such a beautiful woman. i wish i could offer strength and help you through this difficult time. we love you guys and our prayers and condolences are with you. keep the faith.