Tuesday, August 17, 2010

With a little help from our friends

While Nathan and I are off on our week of quiet and healing there is something you can do for us.  As heartbroken as we are over this loss...we know our baby (or babies...who knows) are still out there and we need to find them.  Remember back here when I told you that 70% of adoptions occur because someone knew someone?  Well, that stat is still true.  Even though our adoption didn't go through, we were introduced to C through a friend.

So how can you help?  
  1. If you haven't already...put our button on your blog.  If you need instructions, they are here
  2. Join our facebook group.
  3. Invite all your friends to join our facebook group You never know who may know someone that will be facing an unplanned pregnancy.   Our group has all our contact info on it, so if someone was considering adoption they'd know how to get in touch with us.  
Our facebook group is currently at 522 members.  It would be so awesome if we could get over a thousand.  Are you brave enough to help us out and invite all your friends?


Marsha said...

I added your button to my blog, and I invited all of my friends to join your facebook group (except one... who was an ex-boyfriend and that just felt too strange...), so I hope that helps! Scott and I ache for you and we send you our very best.

ChristinaS said...

ok so like I couldn't figure it out, even with it all in laymens terms.. lol leave it to me.. So I put your blog addy on my page and a small tid bit, hope that will work.. I will keep you in my prayers.. I love you guys.. All my love..Christina