Tuesday, March 22, 2011

32 things

Funny Story:  Nathan and I were talking the other day and he said something about turning 31 this year.  Wrong, I said.  Uh huh, he said.  Um, nope...try that again.  Several moments of silence and counting he determined that he was turning 32 not 31.

In honor of the 32nd birthday of my dear hubby I'm going to list 32 things I love about this guy.  If you want to leave a comment and say something you love about him, that would be awesome.  He'll love to read them.

Without further adieu...

32 reasons I love my Nathan
(There are more than 32...but it would spoil the theme if I posted them all...and you'd likely get bored after 2,439.)
  1. He is kind
  2. He makes me laugh everyday
  3. He lets me be me
  4. His freaky Neal heel
  5. The way he loves Winston
  6. They way I know he'll love our children
  7. He is an active participant in our adoption journey
  8. The crazy Nathan type dancing he does when Funk music is being played
  9. When he is in Billy mode
  10. He lets me snuggle to him even though it makes him hot
  11. He says some things with the cutest hick accent
  12. His hitched smile
  13. He likes chick flicks
  14. He gets teary watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  15. He's generous 
  16. That vein that pops out on his head when he's playing his French Horn
  17. ...or when he's really worked up about something
  18. He loves working in the Temple together
  19. He will brush my hair if I ask him
  20. He drives his truck all over tarnation helping people...and expects nothing in return
  21. How attached he is to his rusted Jasper (that's his truck's name)
  22. He does dishes
  23. He does laundry
  24. He vacuums
  25. He scoops the litterbox!
  26. He is extremely ticklish
  27. He is a wonderful musician
  28. He loves running sound and puts so much time and effort into it
  29. ...which provides a living for our family
  30. He never complains about what I cook for him (except the Lemon rice...)
  31. He's tech saavy
  32. He is my best friend


Sheila said...

I love that Nathan has the most family nicknames and he never gets upset when the family calls him "scmilgy pilgy"! :) Happy Birthday little brother!

Faye said...

I love that Nathan lets me call him a "little shit"...
I love that Nathan smiles about Top Ramen dinners...
I love that Nathan is a "band geek"...
I could go on and on but...
Most of all...I love that Nathan loves Holly and is a great husband, companion and friend to her.


Abby said...

Aw, what a nice idea. I haven't seen you guys in 52 years, but what I remember most about Nathan is his sense of humor. He's a funny, funny guy and he can appreciate a great joke. I still remember the three of us hanging out in your apartment watching your favorite show to make fun of, Hot or Not, and just laughing and laughing. And eating Oreos. Hooray! Happy Birthday old man!