Monday, March 21, 2011

Mixing Bowls & Stilettos

Ok, so I know it is totally normal (and maybe expected in some circles) in the bloggy world to have multiple blogs.  I used to think those people were narcissistic, self-grandizing know-it-all's.  Now I'm one of them.  Seriously.  (And who knows, maybe we are narcissistic, self-grandizing know-it-all' wouldn't be the first time someone has called me any of those)  I've always had this blog and for a while the Unseen Readers was active.  I have my photography blog, but that's just because I like being able to look back at my photos.  Now I've started a cooking blog...but not to convert the world to the way of Holly cooking.  It is more for my mom. :)  We talk on the phone almost everyday and so she frequently gets the run-down of what I'm making for dinner.  She'll ask for a recipe, which I know she writes on the back of an envelope, receipt or other slip of paper and then loses within a day or so...because I do the same thing.   So I decided to put some of the things I make on a blog.  And it gives me something to do...being a stay at home mom to a kitty doesn't require that much time and effort.  Well, except for the daily snuggle hour, which I love.  And the required quiet time before each of Winson's naps...seriously...that cat is like a human child.  I'll have to tell you about it some time. 

Ok, I got sidetracked.  If you want to check out what's been cooking at our house, you can check me out HERE


Faye said...

I want Enchiladas and Strawberry Shortcake - now!! My mouth is watering.

Thanks for the pics - you know I need help with cooking but I am getting better!

I'm going to have to try your version of the chicken noodle soup next time I make it.

Keep the good ideas coming!

LYT - Mom

Faye said...

You should add more pics to your photography blog!

You have a talent that should be shared!