Thursday, May 05, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

It's interesting.  Last year on Cinco de Mayo I prepared an awesome, authentic Mexican meal.  I had been taught how to prepare it by a woman who was pregnant and planning on placing her twin babies with us.  She had come to Chicago to meet us and on her visit had imparted some of her traditional cooking knowledge on me.  Nathan and I celebrated that evening over carne asada & homemade horchata and looked forward to the two sweet little babies who would be joining our family only a couple months later.   Or so we thought.  If someone would have told me that night that a year later we would still be childless...having endured four failed adoptions I think I would have smacked them, called them rude and then cried for a week. 

Good thing we don't always know our future, eh?

If I wasn't feeling so crappy (bronchitis...oh goody) I'd whip up some carne asade right now and toast to not knowing your future!  

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Happy Herrons said...

WEll that is just crap. Definately need some of that creme brulee B&J - YUM!! HEre's to a brighter future