Monday, May 02, 2011


April 24-30 was National Infertility Awareness Week which is sponsored by RESOLVE: the National Infertility Association.

Over the last week I tried working up several different posts...but could never quite get one right.  I attempted a post to debunk myths and another post just to share my feelings...but no matter what I tried, it left me feeling empty and sad.  It's been a hard week...especially with what's happened the last month...especially with Mother's Day bearing down upon me.  This week I wasn't strong enough to fight infertility battles, so I let others do it. 

But I feel like I could pass on something that I know helps us.  Here it is, my one piece of advice if you have someone in your life struggling with infertility:

Love them.  

Don't try to fix their problems, don't offer advice, don't preach to them, don't abandon them for fear of hurting their feelings...just love them.

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Jenn said...

Can I steal that last little bit holly? I was asked to speak in church next Sunday and in working on my talk today, I felt prompted to stray from the traditional topic of mothers and talk about the heartache that many feel on Mother's Day because their arms are empty. What you said would be a perfect addition.

Max and Joy Chen said...

Here's lots of love from us to you. You're always in our hearts and prayers. There was a time in my life where I was hurting about some choices my sister was making and I talked to a seminary teacher. He said, think of how much you love her and want to help her. It's a lot, right? God loves her even more and wants to help her even more, and what's more, He knows how and is doing all He can...every time I think about you I think about what he said. I want to take away all the pain, because I love you guys, but He loves you so much more. We're praying for you.

Happy Herrons said...

We love you too Holly