Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bye bye Bean

I love the Bean.  Ok, technically it's called Cloud Gate...but everyone calls it the Bean.  It's always on the to-do list when someone visits.   
Last night we headed downtown to see Nathan's brother who was in town for a band convention (we're a whole family of band geeks).  The restaurant we went to (Giordano's...mmmm) had a 45 minute during the wait we decided to show Jonathan the Bean.  I had bubby strapped in the Baby Bjorn, in his lion hat, wrapped in a blanket and we trekked all over Millenium Park.  I snapped a couple quick pics...and said goodbye to the Bean.  

I am {really} going to miss this city.  

And this pic has nothing to do with the Bean...but it was taken at dinner last night.  Behold, I give you Nathan and his brother all their geeky glory. 


V said...

Cute picture of you and bubby. Did you cut your hair????!

Gardiner said...

Holly, for some reason my FB is being weird, I can't even log in...! I tried to message you on there and it won't work! Anyway, I came across this story/blog and it gives me mixed emotions.... I wanted to pass it a long to you and see what you thought. I don't really know these people, but kinda do. Here is the web address
I wondered what your thoughts were on this...