Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the move...again

One thing I've come to know pretty well in our almost ten years of moving. We are currently in the middle of our sixth move. We've had a few bumps in the road already...I'm hoping the remainder goes well. I haven't handled the stress so well...neither has Winston. But Miles and Nathan keep us held together.

Miles and Winston checking out our mountains of boxes.
Poor Winnie knows EXACTLY what's going on (this is his fourth move)
So here's to a smooth move! Two weeks from today we'll be in Italy, hopefully enjoying some gelato!!
Bye bye stuff - see you in six months!


T+S=K said...

6 months??!?!?!?!? It takes that long to get your stuff?!?!?! CRAY CRAY!!

Holly said...

They are telling us 2-6 months. Which, if it's 2, won't be bad because the SOONEST we could even be in a house is the end of Feb (2 months)...but if it's six we're gonna have to get creative.

Happy Herrons said...

Yes, yes I do need an Italian vacation! Let me check my planner! It will be fine. Keep the child with you, everything else will just work out good!

Breanna Dreyer said...

WOW! 6 months is a little crazy, don't ya think?! What the heck is the hold up? Customs?! WOW WOW WOW. I'm so sorry honey, no wonder you've had some nervous anxiety over the whole thing! But man, Miles is looking so big! I cannot believe he's getting so big!