Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All systems go

Well, we have a passport for Miles.  His passport picture is seriously hilarious...I had forgotten how funny it was until we went to go sign his passport for him.  It looks like a baby mug shot.  I will post a pic of it when I think of it.  We mailed off our Visa applications (turns out mine was never mailed...the Navy travel office kept mine so mine and Miles' could be mailed together) and those should hopefully be back the 30th.  Which would be nice since we're leaving town the 30th to spend some time with family.  We also have our plane tickets to Naples...we leave on the 10th of January. 
The reality of all this hit me yesterday and I had a bit of a meltdown.  Ok...more than a bit.  But things are a little better today. I just got overwhelmed with everything that has to happen before we get on the Italy bound plane...sorting, packing, painting, cleaning, Christmas, my birthday and a 1500 mile drive on I-80 in the winter...I get heartburn just thinking about it.
I'm nervous but excited for the adventure that lies ahead of us.  I am heartbroken to leave our home here...I really do love it; which is so funny considering I didn't want to move here.  I am just hoping I'll fall in love with Italy just like I fell in love with Chicago. 


Ryann said...

So impressed you already have your tickets! We got ours three days before we were supposed to fly with five random seats in the plane-none together. We only managed to get two together and then the other three. It will be a great adventure for you! We loved Italy!

Happy Herrons said...

Yes, you WILL LOVE ITALY!! We are also headed east- yah road trips!

Holly said...

@Ryann - I remember you mentioning your stuff was all last minute. We don't have out plane tickets TO Norfolk but we are told we'll have those this week. *fingers crossed*

Ty and Ber said...

I am jealous that you get to move to Italy. What an awesome experience. We are going there in July just for a short little vacay. What an awesome adventure for your family. Glad everything is working out.