Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Dear parents of the world:

I feel like I have a little more clout now that I can be counted among you.  And that I have not committed the following offense.  I have one SIMPLE request:



I get the whole "wanna be unique" thing...you don't want your little darling to be one of six John's in his kindergarten class.  But you don't want him to be scarred for life with a name that is just plain cruel.   You don't want him to go to Disney World and have them not be able to put his name on a set of ears because NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU can spell, let alone pronounce it. 

My most recent head-scratchers:

(pronounced Brody...oh, and the kid was a boy.  He's gonna be a stripper)
(totally no clue on this one...)
(pronounced Mary)

If you want to hear more about bad baby names (and to check if your kid's name makes the list) go check out Bad Baby Names.  To see their Guide to Bad Baby Names you can go HERE

Do you have any bad baby names you want to add?  Please do... I love a good chuckle.  

I feel I must make a disclaimer that if you choose to name your poor child something wacko, it doesn't mean your kid isn't cute.  And let's hope they are...because a horrible name is gonna make their life hard enough as it is.


Jill Elizabeth said...

I used to work at a hair salon that catered to children, and it was hard to say some of the names out loud because they were so ridiculously stupid or trendy. Here are a few of my favorites.

For boys: Cross, Crew, Bishop, Wrigley (no need to ask which team they like), Raiden, Zaiden (many parents avoided naming their son Aiden by tacking another letter at the front of the name), Soldier, Mace, Sailor, Kash.

For girls: Lexus, Kensington, lots of normal names with a "Mc" in front (nothing says "female" quite like a prefix that means "son of," right?), Nevaeh (you know what Heaven spelled backwards is? Nothing), Denim, Corduroy, Velvet.

Also, I pretty much had to leave a comment, because my word verification word is "Aviddog" which I find hilarious.

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Oh, friend. We have so much in common. I used to work for a criminal court (here in Utah- the epicenter of terrible baby names) and I would see alllll manner of train wreck names. Do you read Eric Snider? He wrote one of my favorite Terrible Baby Name articles. Enjoy:
PS: Thanks for the tip on the Bad Baby Name sites! I will go check those out!

Ty and Ber said...

I work on the mother baby unit at the hospital. So I see a bunch of random names. My fav on is le-a. Pronounced le(dash)a. Seriously?

Ashley Miller said...

I've been saying this for years.

I had some doozies in my classes: Paislee (who was adorable), Miklynn, and a bunch I've clearly blocked. The southern Utah newspaper does a quarterly feature of one-year-olds, and I've had many a hearty chuckle at the various Aidens, McKinleys, Jaxons, Braxtons, Princesses, and even a Seven. Seriously.

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

PS: I realize the irony of my comment, considering what my husband's name is. Hahaha. :p

Jake and Terri said...

Were we separated at birth? I feel the SAME way! What is wrong with people? I have been teaching for a long time and every year I think I have seen it all (Klowie?!? Malyssuh??? Heaven Lee?!?) Something new comes along. This year it was Desireah (pronounced Dez-er-ay) but since the year is not over somehting could come along that beats that!!!

AguasGirl said...

I just came across this post through my sister's blog... (Natalie). Anyways that is the funniest topic ever!

Rain (boy)
Paislee... I saw that above too.

Goodness there are bad names... Mine is Janell and I don't think I ever found my name on anything unless it had a "e" at the end. Talk about a crapy childhood... ;)

ChristinaS said...

there is a little boy here named Rucker.. I feel bad for the child when he hits school.To think I was worried about my son being called Wes..
Try Zabrina (my adopted daughter Naomi, remeber her) wanted her first daughter to be that. Thank heavens she named her daughter MaryAnne Pearl.. her husband josh refused it.. lol
I know so many more and just can't think at this moment. Kailea but pronounced kay-lee-a.... I thought it was pretty but very different...
I'm just greatful Mom didn't go with the name her after her mom and his aunt.. I'd be Mabel Christine.. LOL Christina Mae is so much better.. lol

Que and Brittany's Adoption Journal said...

Que and I were at a fast food place yesterday and there was a couple there who were calling after their daughter, "Nixon." I just thought I'd share. :p

Holly said...

Thanks for the laugh ladies! I always get a chuckle out of horrible names...it should be considered child abuse!