Monday, January 02, 2012

Resolved: 2012

I feel like this year is a great year for me to make some hefty resolutions.  We are in the middle of a massive life change so I figure it's a good time to shake things up even more.  Also - it's our 10 year anniversary...and the first time I've had my job as a mother to consider.  

I've given these resolutions a LOT of thought.  I have really focused these goals on helping me become the type of mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend I want to be...and how I can be the best version of her that I can.

By the end of 2012 I want to:

- Be well on my way to becoming fluent in Italian.  
This one should be easy...since we'll be living in an Italian town and will need to know the language just to get around.  In southern Italy not as many people speak English as in Northern Italy...they are VERY proud to be Italians. 

- Get my photography business up and going
I got some sweet new photography toys for Christmas - new bag, new lens as well as reflector/diffuser panels.  Plus I've already found a photog buddy there and we're going to take some classes together.

- Have our home more Christ centered: family prayers, scripture study, FHE, etc.
I've found when we focus on what's really important, life just goes a little smoother. 

- Never say no to Miles when he asks me to read to him 
I realize he won't be talking a whole lot this year...but he's starting to pick up signing...and if he asks to read, no matter how busy I am I will read to him.

-Make healthy choices: eating, exercising, etc.
This will just be a continuaton of what we've tried to do this year.  It will be fun to try out all the new fruits and veggies in Italy...and eating healthier should be easier because the town we're looking at living in doesn't have McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy's, etc...but they have TONS of fresh markets.
- Remember birthdays
I keep resolving to do this...and one of these years I'm actually going to do it.  

- Once a month send a letter (as in paper and pen) to someone 
I love getting things in the mail.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy...but a card, postcard, thank you note, etc is just such a great surprise and I figure if I like it then someone else will to! 

So what about you?  Any resolutions?  Goals?  Tips for me as I undertake this list? 


T+S=K said...

well as for the Photography goal I am stoked to see what you produce!! I will totally help in any way I can. If you ever have any questions PLEASE call me or shoot me a message anytime;)
As for the writing someone a letter ... one of the letters better be to me and it must contain some sort of delicious italian food;) a little pizza some gilato... ya know .... the stuff you can mail in a letter;) LOL

So excited to see all your adventures!!!! Hope your year is wonderful;) AND here's to hoping and praying we can come visit you;)

Sheila said...

Fantastic goals Holly! The fresh markets and trying different foods is going to be amazing. That's one of my favorite things about living overseas. You guys are just going to love it, and your attitude about learning language and getting out there and doing cultural stuff will allow you to have the most amazing experience. I saw lots of military spouses who just stayed home or on the base all the time, and they ended up having crappy experiences overseas. It's so worth it to get out and experience your new country! And the reading with Miles goal...excellent. They are never to young to be read to, it will make him an even better reader. You go mama!

Lori said...

i think those are great goals! i also have the goal to actually mail people things. maybe we can mail each other a letter. :)