Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why hello Naples!

I got my gelato and my view of the water...I'm good.  

More to come...


Hannah Jerome said...

Hi Holly!

My name is Hannah and I'm friends with Lucina and Clark Alexander. (We go to church with them here in Newport RI.) Lucina told me about you and gave me the link to your blog so that we could connect. My husband, Tuba, (I know it's a strange nickname, but that's really what he goes by!) is also a Navy musician. (I'll give you one guess what instrument he plays!) We've just received our orders and in July will be arriving in Naples! We're super excited about this, as we actually met in Naples. Tuba was stationed there with the band (2006-2008) and I went there to be a live-in nanny for an officer and his boys living on Support Site. We met through the church on base and became best friends. Then I came back to my family in CT, Tuba was stationed in RI, we started dating, got engaged, and were married in 2010. :-) So now we're thrilled to have a chance to go back to Italy and re-discover the country together! Anyways, I just wanted to connect with you and say Welcome to bella Napoli! I had so many wonderful experiences in the one year I lived there, I can't even imagine all we'll get to do and see in these next 3 years! I look forward to meeting you and your family in July, and until then, eat lots of gelato and some pizza for me!

Happy Herrons said...

Yah! Good luck on the jet lag and eat lots of pasta for me!!