Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The first weekend in March we headed down to the Sorrentine Peninsula to a little town called Sorrento.  It is world famous for HUGE lemons and more often, limoncello, a lemon digestive liquor.  It is also picture perfect and has some CHEAP shopping.  We went with the other sound guy in the band, Michael, and his wife Jessica.  We shopped, beach combed, got lunch, shopped some more, ate delicious gelato and then headed home.

Here is part of the main little town...notice they have mandarin trees growing along the sidewalks. 


Feet in Sorrento:

Down one of the quaint little alleys

Here we are outside a limoncello store with a Pulcinella.  He's a traditional Neopolitan character...you can read more about him HERE.  

We had a fantastic lunch in Sorrento...
Nathan's lobster & tomato linguine

My mushroom & cheese ravioli
After lunch we stopped into a famous gelateria to get some gelato...I even let Miles have some of my limone creme...he is a fan of gelato. 

Before I gave him a taste he kept tryng to get daddy's gelato:

Inside the gelateria there was a HUGE display of famous buildings carved out of chocolate.  The entire thing had a train running through it.  I took a video:  

Here's the million dollar view:


shannon slayton said...

OMG I am so jealous of your adventures!!! I wish so bad we could come see you!!!

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