Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vietri sul Mare

On St Patrick's Day we went to Vietri sul's on the Amalfi Coast.  It's a quaint little town known for it's ceramics.  I was on a mission to find some ceramic canisters for flour, sugar, etc...but I couldn't find any big enough.  Apparently the Italians don't keep more than 4 cups on hand at a time...and that just will not do!  

On the boardwalk at the beach
Feet on the boardwalk

 We also spent some time on the beach combing for sea glass and sea tile...I want to collect enough to to a mosaic table top.

Well...he's a boy!  He LOVED the rocks.
 After beach combing we were going to shop, but all the cute little shops were closed for riposo (it's like siesta...they close from 12ish to 4ish) so we had lunch.  A TRUE Italian lunch...which took three hours.  But we didn't mind because of the view.  Breath taking, eh?  We both got sunburned from sitting in the sun all afternoon but we didn't care.

The view from our table at lunch. 

It was on our day trip to Vietri that we learned that Miles LOVES lemons.  Seriously.  Loves.  As in screamed when you took it away, shoved it in his mouth, ate all the flesh and chewed on the rind, loves.  Crazy kid.  
When life gives you lemons...give them to Miles! :)


Sugar said...

Holly it sounds like a wonderful time. Be careful letting Miles eat Lemons like that. The acid in them will destroy the enamel on his teeth. Especially soft newly erupted baby teeth. The enamel just can't take that very well. Once enamel is gone you cant do anything to replace it.

Happy Herrons said...

Yah, the Europeans NEVER make 4 loaves at bread at one time, or a double batch of cookies - so good luck!