Saturday, January 12, 2008

Photo overload

This is me Christmas morning...we drove down to my parent's had snowed a lot the night before - making for a beautiful setting to show off my Tom Brady jersey :)

More of the drive through the canyon.

Frankie LOVES to help...I am sauteeing the peppers and onions for the stuffed pasta shells (below)

Don't these look excellent?? I LOVE stuffed pasta fact I think I might go eat some of the left-overs right now :)

Here's a better photo of the hair...the one below you can see the red-violet a bit better...still not the best though.


Ryann said...

Those shells look awesome-I'd take some leftovers too!

ChristinaS said...

Yummy Stuffed shells.. I love the idea with the peppers and onions in it.. I wish that these people in my house eat that beside the dog and I. Seriously... Food would be alot more exciting...
Go Pats! and your right Tom Brady is easy on the eyes.. Jw loves Tom too. Funny thing was one day on a news clip Brady was speaking and Jw says, "Is that Tom brady?" I'm like umm, yeh what's the matter don't recognize him w/o his helmet on.. HEE HEE Kids are so funny!
I guess we all we be enjoying that Super Bowl. For we know they are on their way again this year..
Oh and lastly, Love the hair. It's gotten sooo long.. Looks Awesome!

Abby said...

Thank you for the new photos with light. Your hair looks great! You look really good with dark hair. I can't really see the purple highlights, but I trust that they are there. And holy cow is you hair long!

Those stuffed shells look so good. Do you mind posting the recipe?

Rob and Kristen said...

I am so NOT USED TO DARK HAIR! Every time I picture you mentally, you're blond. Sirry. Its cute, I just can't get it to stick in my brain now :) How's the RUNNING????

Anonymous said...

Holly, I like your dark hair color, now you look like me, lol.Frankie is too cute wanting to help, Love and Hugs Lisa