Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Poor puppy

So while we were gone this weekend, we got a TON of snow. Our house only got about 14 inches, but my parent's old house got several feet. Anyway - we dropped Besta off at my parent's old house where he was to be 'dogsat' by Cindy, my parent's dog. Well, he and his sister Princess decided to sneak out and go for a walk. I guess they were missing for a while and when my mom finally found them they were trotting along the middle of the road about 2 miles from their house...nerd dogs. Mom had them jump into her car and when she got them back home she noticed Besta was bleeding - we think he cut it sneaking over the chain link fence drifted in snow.

We finally got him into the vet this morning and nothing is broken - (I would have loved to be in the room when they did the x-ray...holding that little bugger still...hehe) but he did have to get stitches, and they had to sedate him to do it because he is a little squirmy.

Look at this goober...he is milking this injury for all he can get. But doesn't he look cute all wrapped up?

When we got home Sunday night we brought him in and made him a bed...we couldn't leave him outside :( Winston, of course, had to observe the whole situation and make sure everything was ok with him... Frank was more curious to see if Besta's food was better than his own.

Here Frank is checking out the foot.. When we did get home the kitties were so excited to see us so they came tearing down the stairs and Frank ended up about 6 inches from Besta's head...which didn't bother the dog, but little Frank Rat puffed out every last fur, arched his back and hissed at him...and then promptly 'deflated' and checked out the food...

Here he is giving us his sad face to draw out more sympathy...

Here is his sad. I forgot to ask how many stitches he needed...but I can ask when I go back in 10 days to have them taken out.

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Sheila said...

That is too cute, all the weepy dog eyes, does he know how to melt your heart or what? :) I hope the little patient gets better soon.