Friday, March 21, 2008

I don't have a problem...

I know I am a bit emotional sometimes...well, ok a lot of the time. I cry often in movies, and even some commercials. It doesn't help matters that my Dr. wants me to take BC pills for a couple months to see if that gets things working on schedule. I have only been taking them for 10 days and I have noticed some changes... I am nauseous almost all day, and dizzy too... Add to that extreme emotional volatility and you have one hormornal mess wrapped up in cute Bandolino stilettos. To demonstrate please allow me to submit the following story as Exibit A:

Today on my morning break I ran to the store to grab a couple necessities and I caved and bought myself a dark chocolate Lindt bunny. (which depending on the day could be considered a necessity too...) I peeled back the gold foil ever-so-carefully and bit off the ears. A little later I wanted a bit more so I peeled the foil down a little further and then I froze... what I saw punched me in the gut and I actually welled up with tears... there it was - the Bunny's eye. I was EATING a bunny. A cute, little, defensless bunny.

Some of you may be snickering - I am glad that my emotional instability could bring you a chuckle.


Rob and Kristen said...

So the real question is.... did you leave that bunny suffering or did you give it a quick end? Because I can't just leave chocoalte LYING AROUND like that.

Abby said...

No joke. Wasting Lindt chocolate is what's unimaginable here.

Holly said...

One of the ladies I work with came out right after this happened and she broke off the rest of the head for me - of course into little unrecognizable pieces.

The remainder of the carcass is in my work bag...I am going to attempt to try again on should be easier as there will be no eye this time.

Anonymous said...

Holly, Awwwww I am really emotional too, do'nt feel bad, wishing you and Nathan a blessed Easter tommorow, Love and Hugs Lisa

onedayatatime said...

I just opened mail for Nathan by mistake. It was something from the National Eagle Scout Registry. They want Nathan to call this number to give his correct/updated information for a publication of Eagle Scouts. They asked he call this number:

Thanks so much for doing those scrapbook pages for us. Jonathan said they looked awesome and you know I am scrapbook illiterate. I really appreciate it.
Love, Cindy