Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally some good news...

So Nathan had a job interview on Thursday...and barring any complications arising from a background check (...I don't think he's a felon) HE HAS A JOB!!!!!!

It will be selling insurance - which is something I never would have thought of for him, but after the interview he seemed really excited about it and apparently you can make some pretty good money - which is good 'cause adopting a kid from every continent is going to cost us a small fortune. 

The guy he will work for said the hours can be long - which will be tough - but if I'll be going back to school in the a.m. and waiting tables in the p.m. my days will be long too - the only ones who will be ticked are Besta, Winston and Frank...but I think they'll live.  Well, as long as their food dishes never get empty... 

The other good news is that once things get started (after background check and passing licensure tests) we can do the home study for adoption!!  Whoohoo!  

All this was perfect timing.  We had set a 'deadline' of sorts for the 22nd of May - if we hadn't found something in the way of a suitable job for Nathan by then we were going back into the Navy - which wouldn't have been a bad thing, but I really want to finish school and adoption laws here are a lot more friendly than in some other states.  Plus, we've been spending a lot more time with family and in the local mountains and I am getting kinda hooked.  So all of you RI folks who are bummed (maybe I'm kidding myself) that we're not moving back right now - just think - Nathan will make enough that we'll be able to come visit!!  

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onedayatatime said...

Wow! Congrats to you guys! So are you starting school in summer session. That's always a great time to go to school ... it seems lots less hectic. I hope all goes well!