Tuesday, May 06, 2008

...more later...

...so the later came a little later than I intended, and quite a bit longer than I thought, but ah well... (I will still love you if you don't read it)

So, where did I leave off?  Oh yes, the week of hell... Lets start with the physical, it is a little less complicated.  I woke up Tuesday with a stiff neck, I thought I had slept on it weird and that it would just go away...but it didn't.  It got worse by the end of the day (stress at work likely a contributing factor...keep reading for the details) and after a shift - albeit a short one - at work I knew something was wrong.  I came home from waiting tables, took some pain killers and went to sleep.   Wednesday when I woke up it was worse, I could barely move my neck at all.  I made an appt with a chiropractor and went in over my lunch.  I had two bones in my neck that had slipped out of place - one in each direction - and it felt a little better once they were popped back into place.   Thursday morning when the alarm went off I couldn't even get out of bed to turn it off.  Nathan called into work for me because I couldn't get up and I spent the day in bed flat on my back except for my trip to the Chiropractor.  Friday went ok...I walked like a penguin most of the day and Sat came and went with a bad night at the restaurant and Sunday morning brought me the worst pain yet.   I went to the chiropractor again today and he said that waiting tables is putting stress on my neck and back and I need to be careful because I am on the verge of causing a permanent injury.  Now don't get me wrong...I LOVE having my neck snapped back and forth and all...I just don't love shelling out $20 a pop for the co-pay...at this rate I'll be working the restaurant just to pay for the spinal adjustments for the pain and injury I incur while working at the restaurant...does that seem like flawed logic to anyone else??!?

Ok, now for emotional.  So Tuesday I was already not feeling well (neck) and so when my boss came down on me for something that I was 'not doing' (but in reality I was doing,  apparently just not fast enough for The Giver) I fell apart.  (Readers Digest Version: I had been asked -about 2 weeks ago - to input the data from about 400 or so sheets of inventory.  When I had been given them I told The Giver I would never be able to finish them on time - it was just too much for me to physically do...well Tuesday the boss came out because he had the 'distinct impression' I had ben told not to do it by someone else and was mad because it wasn't done.)  I had heard stories from many others who work there about his tirades and I had just thought them exaggeration until one of the said tirades was directed at me...it was the first one I had seen in over a year of working there.   After 'the incident' just kept to myself and worked non-stop on the inventory, putting off everything else.  In fact everyone was told to stay away from me and not to give me anything to do until I had finished.  (I am still not done.  I still have about 130 sheets to go...they were supposed to be done last Friday...it does give me some satisfaction that I was right about not having them finished...even though the last week has SUCKED because all I have done is data entry...and that is all I will be doing this week too...yippee)   Then on Wednesday (neck worse) my boss came out and said he was getting the idea that I wasn't happy with him and then he said: "Haven't you learned yet that what I say goes?"  Word.For.Word.  There was also something about how I should never question what he says to do.  This is when the stubborn streak in me prevailed...I was not going to let him think I was mad because he told me to do something...I told him that I was mad because I HAD been working on the inventory and that I had told The Giver (who incidentally happens to be my boss' son) that I wouldn't be done when he wanted and that I would need help.  When he (boss man) heard this (although it took me several attempts to get it all out because he kept cutting me off...and by the end I was crying) he mumbled something, rolled his eyes and walked away.   I couldn't function.  One of the other guys I worked with (lets call him Joe) walked out just then and all I had to do was see him and I started crying.  He told me there is 'no crying in construction' (nice League of Their Own reference on his part) and smiled at me with one of those "I've been there" smiles.  Joe just happens to be dating a girl in the office (lets call her Suzie) and within moments of him walking away Suzie comes up (he must have clued her in) and sees the mess I'm making of myself and asks what happened.  I relay the info in-between hysterical sobs and she tells me to go take a breather.  I went to my car and cried uncontrollably for 10 minutes.  Now you may be thinking 'Man, she is overreacting' but you have to take into consideration all the extenuating circumstances...the hurt neck, the stress of getting yelled at, hormones I had been on for PCOS, and the impending major life change(?) of a move (?).    

Then comes Saturday.  I had asked about the manager opening at the restaurant and had been told they weren't going to fill it...well they did.  And yep, it is not me.  Add to that the BIGGEST JERK I have ever waited on or met IN.MY.LIFE.  and the neck pain and you get one hell of a shift.  

So that's where I'm at today.  Lets review shall we:
-I am 'grounded' to my desk with the never-ending inventory pile.  
-My neck is staging a revolution against working two jobs.
-We still don't know where we'll be in four weeks.
-I haven't slept a solid 2 or more hours in over a week.  

Pretty good for a Monday.  


Briana Ward said...

Holly I am so sorry, I hope things get better for you soon. hang in there and know we love you!

Max and Joy Chen said...

Do you want me to come and talk to your boss. I'll show him where he can put his inventory...and what the heck kind of a title is "The Giver"? Have you ever read that book?

Holly said...

the title 'the giver' is because he gave the inventory to me. Yes, I have read that book and loved it. It is sad that he (evil giver) has a title so close to that good book.

Lori said...

sounds like a rough week, sorry holly!

Kimberly said...

Wow! I would have cried too if I'd had a week like that. I really hope things get better for you!