Thursday, May 08, 2008

That was NOT in the job description

I noticed the date today (not that I don't notice it everyday) and it occurred to me that I have been gone from the Chamber for 2 years.  I got all nostalgic and my memory wandered to the many odd tasks I had been asked to do over the years.  Data entry while being 'grounded' to my desk is bad but I have been asked to do worse.  

When we moved to RI I contacted a temp agency to help me find a job.  I was assigned one and I showed up on Monday the following week.  The second day I worked I was asked by my boss to remove all the drapes from the windows in the building and then hang the new ones - after ironing them of course.  So there I was all dressed up an standing over an iron...
It got me thinking - what are some of the most outrageous things your past (or present) bosses have asked you to do?


Happy Herrons said...

I am sorry you had a bad week. HUGS from Tooele. Dark chocolate? Ben and Jerry?!?!?!

Rhode Island Kohls said...

The strangest thing i ever had to do at work was the bathroom drains in the ladies room at the temple had dried out. So I got to pour water down the drains.