Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh, and the funny part is...

Before I posted all the pics from the wind caves I told you I had only hiked them once before - in the dark.  I forgot to post the story when I posted the pics, so here it is.

I was living in my Great Aunt's basement with my BFF Becky going to our first year of college.  We had a group of guys (and a few gals) we were friends with and would often hang out and do things together.   My Great Aunt's house was about 20 minutes north of the University and the rest of the group lived pretty close to campus.  One night I get a call from one of the guys asking us if we want to go hiking...which would have been great except it was about 10 or 11pm.  After some persisting they convinced us to go and we made the trek into town and then up the canyon to the trailhead.  We hiked all the way up in the dark and made it to the top.  I don't remember any moon that night so once we got to the top I couldn't see the grandeur of it all or see just how close I was to falling to a painful death.  We sat all lined up on the edge of the cavern on the right (in the photo in the post below where Nathan is a little tiny guy in a white shirt) and gazed at the stars.  

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