Sunday, January 25, 2009

Changing of the Guard

This is a few days late...but I have been a bit incapacitated...and if you don't buy that I'll blame it on the drugs.  

I watched the Inauguration on Tuesday.  Granted I was on Lorotab, cold medicine, and anti-biotics...but I actually remember a good chunk of it.   I thought it was neat to watch the past presidents make their way to the grandstand.   I have to say that Jimmy Carter looks pretty good for his age.  As former Pres Bush was making his way down the red and blue carpeted stairs he was shaking hands and making small chit chat he said to someone: "Good day for our country."  I saw him talking, but I didn't catch what he said, but the ABC commentator did.  He read Bush's lips and passed along what he saw.  It must have been an emotional day for him...end of his term, excited to move on, but sad to leave.  I was proud of him for realizing what a tremendously important day it was for our nation.  

I loved the musical number that was played right before President Obama was sworn in.  I love Simple Gifts and I thought the words were appropriate for the day: 'Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free.'  

As the camera was panning the crowd during the proceedings, it paused a moment on a woman holding a child of another race.  I know it could have been a neighbor, a stranger, a nanny...but I like to think that this was the child's mother.  I teared up thinking that someday I too may be a mother to a child of a race different than my own, and now I can honestly tell my children that there is no limit on their dreams.   

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Chels said...

What a sweet perspective. Thanks Holly.