Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am home sick today.  I went to the Dr yesterday...they tested me for mono, it was negative.  The Dr didn't think getting my tonsils out was necessary...which I can agree with, for now, because until this nasty bug I never had tonsil problems.  Well that and I don't have time to have them out right now.  I got an antibiotic, but I still feel like crap...so I decided to stay home, get some good rest, take lots of drugs {none illegal, I swear} and kick this thing's butt.  Hopefully. 


me and him said...

any cravings?? i'd love to bring you a treat! peppridge farm cookies???? dill chips???? swedish fish??? something to make you happy??

Lori said...

hope it helps! hope you get feeling better soon!