Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am alive.  I am reaching out to you, fellow humans, for some assistance.  I have been sick (this has been happening A LOT lately...too much for my is like I catch EVERY bug I get exposed to...) for a while (since just after Christmas) and the Dr doesn't have a I was hoping one of you might have an idea of what is going on with me.  

-Sore throat for over two weeks...strep culture so sore I have trouble drinking anything.
-Right tonsil swollen with white gunk on it (sorry, hope you aren't eating right now)...this causes me terrible nights of sleep because I feel like my throat is closing off.
-Weird nausea/dizziness.  I get car sick, but the last couple weeks it has been ridiculous...just to give you an idea...I got myself carsick while sitting ON MY CHAIR at work...
-Tender, swollen gland just under my jaw bone on the right side (same side as the icky tonsil)
-I had no other cold symptoms until thursday-ish...then I started coughing...but not a lot.  Deep barky coughs...and they HURT my chest.  
-Not stuffy
-Not congested
-No sinus pressure  
-Not pregnant (I know what some of you were thinking...)
-Fatigue...I come home from work, eat (maybe) and go to sleep.  Well....try to anyway. 



Rhode Island Kohls said...

Goodness, that sounds terrible. When Ian was in high school he would get sore throat after sore throat. He was working at newport Creamery at the time and breathing in fumes from the grill. Sounds like all your symptoms. Tonsils were like yours. I finally insisted that we wanted those tonsils out. Doctors didn't want to do it. Got second opinion, he didn't think it needed taking out either. Well all we had to do was to get a second opinion. the first guy took them out, and actually came and appologized after the surgery. Seems there was a huge abccess behind the tonsil, said it NEVER would have gotten better. Hope someone listens to you. He has been healthy ever since.

Ryann said...

I agree-go get those tonsils out. YOu don't really need them anyway. Demand it!

onedayatatime said...

I agree with the tonsils, but have they done the 24 cultured strep test or just the quick one? Because it is quite possible to be postitive but have the quick one come back negative. Also, if I were going to get my tonsils out, I'd wait until I was back in the Navy and didn't have to pay for it. Sorry you're sick. I ordered this year from something called Sambucus ... look it up. It's amazing! I haven't been sick but if the kiddos get something, they are better by the next day for everything. I was looking up Elderberry extract because Michael has about 20 planters warts and Elderberry extract is an immune system booster. Hope you feel better!

Amanda said...

Did they test you for mono? I would add that to the list of things to get checked out for. Stupid respiratory things. So tricky, and soooo beyond annoying to deal with. Hope you get to the bottom of this soon!

Timothy N. Ward said...

Sounds like mono. I had it in grade school made many of my symptoms made mom think I had strep.

Anonymous said...

Nick"s tonsels were rotten inside when he finally got them out. He almost passed out at school and had strep too. Has your Dr. said tonsilitis? Have you had a CBC? See if you can see a ENT. They are the ones that deal with tonsils. getting your tonsils out as an adult is NOT easy. But you do feel alot better. and never have to deal with strep (usually) I hope you figure it out. let us all know

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah google tonsil stones. you will never be the same... Lol.. :)

Happy Herrons said...

Yah - tonsils out as adults SUCKS BIG TIME. But as good news - I haven't had strep since then! Get a new doctor. Go see an ENT - our nephew had that same absess behind his tonsils - he grew like 5 inches in a year after that. All that ear, nose stuff is related (dizzy, tonsils, etc). NEW DOCTOR!!

Bennett family said...

Couldn't be all the crappy air we're breathing in could it? We've had lots of coughs and sore throats lately. Hope you get better soon!