Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun Stuff

So I still felt like crap today, yesterday...whatever...I'm up waiting for the pain meds to kick in.....stayed home again.  I woke up at about noon and found a pretty good sized bloodspot on my pillow.  Not just blood, but clotty blood.  I guessed that it had come out of my mouth because I could still taste blood and I could feel something running down my throat.  I called the Dr's office and they said to come right in...bleeding shouldn't be happening.  Just as we were getting into the car to leave my sweet friend Marci pulled in the driveway with a cute bag of some of my favorite treats...I can't wait to eat them...may have to wait a couple days though.  

So we head off to the Dr.  I brought the bloody pillowcase too, because I didn't want anyone to think I was not being honest...or exaggerating.  They took more blood, swabbed my nose for the flu and then made me wait for what felt like FOREVER.  This Dr (third one) seemed the most concerned with getting me better...maybe it was because I had been in three times in ten days.  I was so frustrated and tired and sick to my stomach from tasting blood that I got teary.  She came back in and told me I didn't have the flu (um, duh) and that my white count had stayed the same (which I guess it shouldn't have because of the anti-biotics).  So she thought it wasn't bacterial...but she didn't want me to stop the antibiotic...just finish them out.  But she did give me some steroids to help...something?  The one thing that caught her eye was that my mono something-or-others(?) jumped WAY up...which she took as a sign that whatever I have is being compounded by mono.  fun Stuff.  

Oh and the throat bleeding?  She thinks while I was sleeping my throat/tonsils/hangy down thingy dried out a little...then I swallowed and tore some of the skin(?) off.  Yummy.  (Not sure if any of this makes medical sense...I was a little dazed while talking to her)  The one good thing about all this?  The makes me crazy dizzy and nauseated but I sleep like a baby when I'm on it.  

(You might think it is weird, blogging when I don't feel well...but it is WAY easier to type it once than tell it 5 or 6 times over the phone...especially when my throat hurts as bad as it does) 


Abby said...

Niiiiiiiiice. You sound like so much fun right now. Hope you feel better soon.

Shaun and Emily said...

Sounds like mono to me. Shaun had it while he was in college. I catch alot of weird bugs too. Anything anyone has. Weird stuff too auto-immune diseases that most people fight off and my body just doesn't fight it off. I think alot of it has had to do with stress in my life. The more stressed I get the more I get sick. I hope you get feeling better soon. And the navy and everything works out! Praying for you!!!!

me and him said...

maybe we ought to try and get a hold of DR. HOUSE! he's good at this kinda stuff! get better holl!

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds icky. I think I would have freaked out. Lol..So how do they treat Mono? Take care and Get lots of rest Ok??

Kim :)

onedayatatime said...

So Holly, when is Nathan going to be able to to meps now? I hope that you are feeling better. Is your house on the market yet?

Chels said...

Yuck, I am sorry but glad that you can at least get some sleep. Feel better and I hope that the bleeding things doesn't happen again!