Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I will update you all soon on my very adventurous last week (plane trips and wedding stuff and the zoo, oh my!) but first I need something. Our house still hasn't sold (five months on the market) and I still have yet to find a job (going on three months searching). The combination of the two is putting us in serious financial trouble and if something doesn't change pretty quick we will be in big, deep do do. Seriously. Like the B word. (which would surely complicate adoption later on...)

Our realtor is having an open house this Saturday. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that someone will see the house and want to buy it asap. Pray that one of the dozens of resumes I send out EVERY week will be seen by someone who will want to hire me.
Thank you. I know prayers work, I just know it.


Abby said...

Will do. I feel bad that you haven't found a job, but I assure you it's not your fault. There are thousands of highly qualified people who under any other circumstances would be snatched up in an instant who also can't find work under present economic conditions. You are valuable, believe you me. It's just the worst time in the world to be looking for a job, unfortunately. It's nothing you're doing or not doing (but I would look into LDS employment services if you can--every little bit helps); some things like this are simply out of your control. In the mean time, take anything at all, even fast food service. Anything to help with bills, even if it doesn't help as much as you'd like. You can always jump ship when you find something better.

JAG said...

Grant and I are heading to the temple this week-end and will be sure to put both you and Nathan's name in the temple. Until then you will always be in our prayers.

love you-

Happy Herrons said...

I am sending up some prayers for you!

Adam and Marie said...

Holly- you're in my prayers! :) Have you guys considered renting it until it sells? It's probably a crappy time to sell-even in Utah. You might get some renter bites. I have something to share with you about Mystery Shopping too! I remember you did it for a little while. I found a lady (MS Guru) who does it and has an entire system for how to do it and make a decent profit (she's actually published). I bet you could do really well with it living in Chicago! Let me know if you're interested. :)

Shaun and Emily said...

I will keep you in my prayers. I hope your house sells quick and that the job stuff works out as soon as possible. Shaun lost his job last year and was out of work for about 7-8 months. We used all our savings. It was rough. Hang in there! I know prayer works!