Thursday, August 20, 2009


(You have no idea the amount of internal arm twisting it took to actually post that picture with my overly dusty steering column)

On the way home from bookgroup last night Dixie hit a big milestone. (Oh, and I wasn't driving when I snapped this pic...what kind of driver do you think I am??!?) Yep, that says 100,000.
She has seen a lot of pavement:
Moved from Utah to Virginia
Virginia to Rhode Island and back to Virginia for Thanksgiving
Moved from Virginia to Rhode Island
Moved from Rhode Island to Utah
Moved from Utah to Illinois

Sometimes I find myself lusting after a newer, shinier, quieter vehicle. But then I remember all the good times we've had riding around in this little lady. Plus, she has been paid off for several years...MAJOR bonus.

Well Dixie, here's to another 100,000!


Happy Herrons said...

Yah for 100,000 cars. I remember when Stanley reached the big 100K - keep the paid off car - yah for no payments!!

Anonymous said...

I also long for a new shiny car, one that is more my personality than the F150. It's alittle too much when its usually just me driving around, maybe someday...

luv, Kim

katiebear said...

We hit 120,000 yesterday... scary to think we might need a new car soon but couldn't afford it