Friday, June 26, 2009

Walking Softly

The other night the lady who lives in the condo below us emailed me. No kidding....and I swear I didn't change ONE word, I just cut and pasted the text (I didn't copy over the footprint clipart that she put in the message...thought I'd leave that out). Just a little background: we don't wear shoes in our apartment. They come off right inside the door and go on as we're walking out. I try and always be conscious of our neighbors, I don't play the piano - which makes me sad :( - I don't stomp around, I keep the volume down on the TV and radio, don't take baths late at night (I'm worried the tub jets will be too loud), I yell at Besta if he walks around a lot (his claws make sounds on the hardwood floor) etc. I thought we were being VERY considerate.

Without further ado:

Hello Holly & Nathan –
Happy Summer to You ! I’m wondering if you’re walking heavier the past 2 or 3 weeks or if I’m just imagining it. Maybe I’m just getting more tired of hearing footsteps on my ceiling. As I told you before you moved in, it sounds like thunder even if you walk lightly without shoes on. It DOES help if you don’t put the full weight of your body on your heal with each step. I’m guessing that having a lot of furnishings has kept down the echo and that any type of carpeting muffles the thumping. Maybe you’ve become comfortable living here and thought I wasn’t noticing any noise. I’m very happy if you’ve become comfortable living here and don’t want to rain on your parade. I will continue to say, though, that all soft foot-stepping is greatly appreciated. Please do some kind of rhythmic tap on the floor if I’m being too loud down here, okay?
Good Cheer & Peace to You,
Deb in 305

Can you believe it? I'm not sure what we should do...get 6" padded slippers to slide around on? Slither around on our bellies? Install high-tech harnesses on tracks on the ceiling?


onedayatatime said...

I just about bust my gut laughing over this! How are you even going to respond to craziness such as this!!! Do you think that is why the last tenants left?!!!

onedayatatime said...

Oh, I know ... get the little duster outfits and slide around. Your floors will look so good!

Steve and Chelsie said...

I can't believe that!!! How rude!! What did you say back to her!

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that someone would ask you to walk on your toes, that takes alot of nerve. Wow. Good luck with her, I think I would be tempted to play scremo and jump/dance, Oh and teach Beasta to sing...


Abby said...

"Dear Lady Downstairs,

Being the considerate neighbors we are, we are already taking as many measures as possible to make your life less noisy. I assure you that there is nothing further we can do to make your life more pleasant than it is at this time short of taking very drastic measures. However, I think if we can harnass the secret behind gravity we can perhaps make ourselves completely weightless, which would certainly solve the problem immediately. Not being scientists though, I've stopped eating entirely so as to drop enough weight so I can merely float about the apartment until such a time as the solution to gravity can be found.

In addition, I have also confined our dog to a wheelchair to prevent his stepping above you, as well as hushing the insects so as to not bother you with their very loud noises hereafter. Also, I've commanded the cats to stop breathing. So loud!

I do apologize for the inconvenience our existence has caused you at this time. Perhaps after we've wasted away and have been ejected from the premisis after our demise for failure to pay rent, you can have the landlord completely demolish our apartment so as to prevent any further future sounds from seeping into your own abode.

Apartment living sucks, don't it?