Monday, January 17, 2011


You wanna hear something funny?  I do.  After my Patriots' embarrassing performance yesterday, coupled with a horrible mood and tantruming ovaries...I need a cheer-me-up.  

If you've read my blog for long, you shouldn't be surprised to know that I love to cook.  And I know it sounds horribly conceited, but I am actually quite good at it...just ask my brothers.  I know Brad would give up a kidney for my lasagna.  You may be thinking, what's so funny about that?  Well hold your horses...I'm getting there.   But first let me tout my skills, okie dokie?  I  {love} to cook.  I am kind of a kitchen fact my Christmas wishlist usually includes some fancy Kitchenaid item.  I like the challenge of trying to re-create something we've eaten at a restaurant...and I can usually do pretty good. 

Ok, so the funny part?  I can't boil eggs.  Seriously.  I can make sushi that rivals the best Japanese restaurants, my peanut butter cookies are better than drugs, and my chocolate coconut almond cheesecake...well, let's just say if I ever needed to bribe someone...  But when it comes to boiling eggs my mind reverts to Cave Woman thinking.  Every time I decide I want hard boiled eggs or egg salad I call my mom AGAIN to ask how to boil eggs.   :::Seriously:::   And even with her help I usually end up with eggs with gummy yolks or even worse, that nasty greenish/grey yolk.  Well not anymore.  I have a handy little tool and now I can make the PERFECT hard boiled eggs.  Seriously.  You wanna know what it is?

It is not just cute, it is SO easy to use.  You just fill your pot with water, drop your eggs in along with the egg timer and turn the burner to high.  As the water boils and the eggs cook, this egg timer starts to turn dark.   Once the dark ring reaches the mark for the desired softness, just pull the eggs off the burner and they're done!  Here's the illustration they give:
Ever since I've been using this, my days of green/gray yolks are behind me.  If you cook eggs often or only once a year, you'll love this...and they are $5 on Amazon.   I promise you'll love it. 


Faye said...

So no more "how do I make hard boiled egges" calls? I will miss them...especially since it is one of the only things I can cook well. :)

katiebear said...

i've always been tempted to get one of those...

most of my christmas list was cooking stuff too (deep dish for pizzas, those lasagna pans that make 3 different types in one pan, donut pans, etc). i heart cooking!!

Lori said...

ha. that's awesome.

me and him said...

cool. i love a good kitchen gadget. i'm pretty good at hard boiled eggs. but honestly, i call my mom every time i need to boil corn on the cob. now that one's tricky. got any cool gadgets for corn??