Saturday, January 08, 2011

Assisting in the spreading of the word

I've had a couple people ask how to invite people to our Facebook group, so I decided to make step-by-step instructions, just like I did for our button

First thing, you need to find the group.  If you are on Facebook (and you seriously should be...I mean, it's 2011...and honestly how else to you expect to cyber stalk the snobby girl who sat next to you in English in Junior High??), you can find the link from my profile, or just search for "Nathan and Holly are Hoping to Adopt".

Step 1: Click on "Invite People to Join".  The link you need to click on is on the left hand side under the group picture.  

Step 2: Select your friends.  You can pick all of your friends, or hand select them.  I've invited all mine, but how many you invite is up to you.  Just click on their picture and they'll get highlighted blue.  If their picture is a little faded, it's because they've already been invited, or they are already joined the group.
Step 3: Personal Message.  There is a space for you to add a personal message.  We feel like this is important.  If you're like me, you get lots and lots of requests...most of which I ignore ('s true...I don't want to feed your chickens or send you smiles or help you build your city).  But if someone has taken the time to attach a personal message, I'm more likely to accept the request.

Step 4: Click "Send Invitations".  And you're done!

Thank you so much for helping us spread the word!! 
Have you invited your friends?  If so, let me know...I just may have the urge to send you baked goods. 

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