Monday, January 03, 2011

Resolved: 2011

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be better with birthdays - I've tried this one before...but I'm determined to make this year happen.  You want me to remember YOUR birthday (or your spouse or offspring...) leave a comment with the dates. :)

Lose weight - For real.  No more messing around.  I have too many fabulous skirts hanging in my closet that I cannot fit my fergalicious booty in...such a shame. 

Read in the scriptures everyday - Pretty self-explanitory.

Find a new job - Mine sucks.  Bad.  Wanna hear a horrible story?  On the 23rd by boss came back into the bat cave (the name I have given to the closet that I work in) and told us that they were hiring someone new for our department and that one of the four of us would be let go the first week of January...but he didn't know who yet.  Merry Christmas.  Seriously. 

Do one random act of kindness for a stranger, once a month - Cause it makes me feel good :)

What about you?  Have you set any resolutions?


Sheila said...

I'm with you on the great clothes hanging lonely in my closet. :( Gotta resolve to do something about that. I think I'm going to go back on Weight Watchers. It was the only thing that has worked significantly for me. I like your goals!

katiebear said...

Apparently resolutions don't work for me because lose weight and exercise were at the top of my resolutions and i did worse in 2010 than 2009... so, i'm not really making resolutions, but i am going to try harder at those two things.

I am starting the 365 photo project on my blog. trying to capture more of our lives on film.

i love your random act of kindness for a stranger, if only more people did that!!

Happy new year!