Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Some people should never leave home...

I was reading THIS story...here's the text from it:

Automatic car features are supposed to make life easier for motorists, but they may be leaving some people without the know-how to do things the old-fashioned way. That’s what happened to a driver in Utah County who became trapped inside her own car. A woman called Orem police Friday afternoon needing help because her battery died and she was locked inside her car. When police arrived, they found the woman sitting in the car, unable to get herself out. She couldn’t hear the officers instructions through the rolled-up windows so she motioned to them to call her on her cell phone, according to police.Once officers were able to talk to the woman on the phone, they were able to tell her how to manually operate the slide lock mechanism on the inside door panel to open the door and free herself. “I'm just glad she had a cell phone to call for help,” an officer said.

I have to scratch my head because first - you can hear people talking to you when you window is rolled up...the officers must have been able to hear her tell them her call phone number...and second - do I even have to say it?? Just switch the locking lever. I bet the police officers were busting up later at this woman's expense. The officer that said he was glas she had a cell phone was probably glad because she would have been stuck in their forever...which would have made an excellent candidate for a Darwin Award. I wonder how this person has managed to survive to the age of having a driver's license.

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Lori said...

tee hee. okay, THAT's a good story. and ps, sooo glad you're a fan of the Darwin Award. Van and I have the first two volumes!