Friday, February 06, 2009

Am I on Candid Camera??!?

Here are a couple snippets of hilarity that is our life.

I had to have Nathan at the recruiter's office yesterday BY ONE. They were leaving right AT ONE and would leave Nathan if he was late. We didn't want to leave his truck there so I hurried home on my lunch and we hauled my sweet hubby to the opposite end of town to drop him off. He was there about 12:40. I haul butt back to the opposite end of town, excited that the ball is rolling, but ticked about spending my lunch hour in traffic. I get a text from Nathan at 1:45...they still hadn't left. Turns out there were a few more forms Nathan needed to fill out...not that we couldn't have filled them out during one of the DOZEN times we've been up to their office already. grrr.

This morning I am at work and Nathan texts me...our {blankety blank} recruiter has forgotten ANOTHER form and I need to sign this one too. I call the slacker and tell him he's got to bring the form to me...I am not wasting my lunch hour trekking all the way up to his office to sign a form HE forgot. He comes to my work, has me sign a few forms and I tell him 'I am going to murder you if you screw this up'. He told Nathan he is a bit frightened of me. Good.

Nathan texts me while I'm home for lunch. The recruiter forgot Nathan's transcripts from the University. For real.

On a good note, last night Nathan took the 71 (maybe 72?). Good job honey!


Ryann said...

Sounds exactly like our recruiting process. Guess things don;t improve over time. Not a big surprise with the military is it? Welcome back!

Abby said...

Just how retarded are these recruiters anyway? No wonder recruitment levels are so low. Well, that and Iraq.

Holly said...

Abby you make me laugh...'Well, that and Iraq'