Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I swear I am not making this stuff up...

Last night we had to drop some stuff of at one of our friend's pads.  We got there, parked and went in.  I noticed there was a 'Permit Parking Only' sign and I asked our friend about it and he said we would be fine.  We were there for maybe 25-30 minutes.  When we walked out we noticed a couple guys standing by our car talking.  Come to find out one of them had JUST booted our car.  JUST.  He wouldn't take it off, he wanted $70 first.  We forked it over, I mean, what other choice did we have?   Booting Nazi.

Nathan's parents warned us about the impending storm so we made sure to get up early enough.  When we backed out the driveway we immediately knew it would take longer than expected.  It was snowing and windy and the roads were snow packed.  With clenched jaws and white knuckles we made it to the other end of the canyon about an hour later (just to give you an idea it usually takes abut 15-20 minutes).  We got to MEPS just in time.  We got in and went to the Navy office and waited...and waited. Come to find out there was an error in his paperwork.  MEPS blamed the Navy Music department, I blamed the recruiter...we found out later that it was MEPS' fault.  The guy at MEPS said there was no way Nathan was leaving today so we should go home and he would call and let us know if he would be leaving tomorrow or Thursday.  

We started heading back home and turned on the radio to check weather.  The freeway was closed just a couple exits ahead of us and when I tell you why you'll call me a liar.  A semi truck driver had fallen asleep, hit a barrier and spilled his load all over the road.  Guess what he was hauling?  Quarter pound hamburger patties for McDonald's.  Guess how much spilled?  43,000 pounds.  You can see the full story with pics here.   

We continued north and we noticed that the farther north we got the worse the storm got.   We were both getting sleepy (after all we were on only a few hours sleep) so we pulled off and killed 20 minutes or so walking around Smith & Edwards to wake up.  We got home and immediately went to sleep.  

At five we were worried because we hadn't heard from MEPS yet so Nathan called them.  He talked to someone (not the guy from this morning...he was gone), and yes he is slated to fly out tomorrow.  Sure was nice of them to call and let us know.  Jerks.  Nathan called his detailer (the guy who decides where we'll be stationed) and told him he didn't fly out today just as an FYI.  Then he called the recruiter and he asked if we were jinxed.  He has NEVER had anyone be this hard to process before.  

So we'll try again tomorrow.  Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well and the weather won't be too bad.


Happy Herrons said...

Ugh! At least you eventually got some sleep?!?!

Sheila said...

I can't believe all that with Meps, etc...what a joke! We have some friends here that are getting back in the Navy Band, too. They are going to Chicago band, too. You guys should hook up, they are super cool. Bruce was in the band with David in Japan. He and Sara are getting married this weekend and then he's off to in processing, too. Anyway, they are Bruce and Sara Fisher, great friends!

I can't believe the hamburgers!!!!! How crazy!

Abby said...

Holy crap in a hat!

Chels said...

I can't beleive your luck! It sounds to me like it's your recruter that's a bit jinxed and you're getting the backlash from him. Good Luck. We'll be thinking about you tomarrow.