Monday, February 02, 2009

Lucky Number Seven

Today is our anniversary. Seven years ago we got hitched, and in honor of our special day and in hopes of channeling some good luck our way, this will be a post of sevens.

Seven things I remember about the day
1 - I forgot my shoes. I had decorated these white tennis shoes with rhinestones and ribbon and I left them at my apartment. So I had to trudge through the snow in sandals.
2 - It was cold. In most of my pictures my nose and ears are glowing red. I had a cloak to wear, but I didn't want it in all of the when I wasn't wearing it, it was passed around quite a bit.
3 - I snapped at my mom in the lobby of the temple (sorry mom, I feel bad about that to this day)
4 - Nathan's aunt caught on fire while while admiring pictures near the candle laden mantle.
5 - My uncle spiked his own punch.
6 - My brothers ripped the back of my dress when they lifted me up for a picture.
7 - My grandma's sex-lesson-chat thing in the restroom before I left will scar me for life.
(I swear I am not making any of this up)

Seven reasons I {still} love him
1 - He is an eternal optimist. Whenever times get tough he just smiles and tries to help me see the bright side of everything.
2 - He is uber patient. See #1.
3 - He let me get kitties. When we got married he told me it was him or a cat. Now he is just as wrapped around their little paws as I am.
4 - He puts up with me being bossy, moody, indecisive, impatient, pessimistic, messy and stubborn.
5 - He brushes my hair when I've had a bad day.
6 - He is the one who scoops the litterbox...even though I don't have to worry about toxoplasmosis anymore.
7 - He's a stud (see photographic evidence below)

Seven wishes I have for our future
1 - The blessing of children in our home
2 - To see the world side by side
3 - Health
4 - Much happiness
5 - Lots of laughter
6 - A few tears (sad and happy ones... there needs to be opposition in all things)
7 - Many, many years more

Seven pics (waaaaay back from when people actually used we're old)

My daddy enjoying the bridal cloak

Everyone who was with us for the ceremony.

My stud muffin

My mommy and me. I LOVED my bouquet...wanna know why? NO ROSES. :)

Our fairytale photo-op

Awwww, tender.

And they lived....


Sheila said...

Happy Anniversary! I have it written on my calendar, it was so fun to be with you guys! I always remember how beautiful you looked, how happy Nathan was, and my little Jacob soaked up to the armpits from the fountain! Thanks for having us on your special day and many many more! :)

Chels said...

Happy Anniversary! I haven't seen those pictures for so long...or thought about that day. I think your wedding was one of the first ones I ever attened in the Temple. It's still one of my favorite memories to this day. Congrats!!!

Happy Herrons said...

So cute! what a great way to celebrate~ May the coming years bring many children and lots of laughing.

Lori said...

happy anniversary!! yay for 7 years!

Rob and Kristen said...

I cannot believe it's been 7 years! Wow! Congratulations!

The Grush's said...

Happy Anniverary! Ours is coming up now too. It is fun to think back on when we were both going through that at the same time. Those were good times. I have to add, my bouquet was free of roses also. How funny.

Briana Ward said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! We hope you both have a wonderful day!!!!

me and him said...

well, since it's a post of sevens i have to be honest i feel kinda bad being the eighth comment. like everything seemed so perfect when there were only seven to go only with your theme. but i had to say...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! you two are so cute and have been such good friends to us. i love the pics too! and i can't believe all that stuff happened on your wedding day!! so fun!

Abby said...

Awwwww, that was especially sweet. Thanks for sharing. Wow, you guys look so young! Just babies getting hitched. :)

Love your dad in the cloak. That's something my dad would have done, too. Too funny. And your grandmother gave you the sex talk? Oh my. Oh my goodness.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH Cute. You two are so sweet. please just tell me it wasn't MY mom that gave you the sex advice.LOl!!!!!
I also "snapped" at Grandma V right before my wedding. and still feel bad about it also.

Holly said...

Kim - nope it was Donna. I thought you were in there with us?

Anonymous said...

O my gosh it's all coming back to me now.......I had burned that from my memory...HA..HA....ha!!