Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Odd Question

Ok, so this may be icky, but I have used all my google skills and can not find a good enough answer so I am calling to the masses for help.

Exhibit A

My face turns red when I exercise. Even if I just climb a flight of stairs. It isn't just a little flushed either it is {{BEET RED}} (see Exhibit A above) and feverishly hot to the touch It is so bad that people usually stare and ask if I"m ok. My face also DOES NOT sweat. My upper lip does a little...and I mean a little, but that's it. So I can WALK on a treadmill for 5 minutes and look like I've just run a marathon in the Sahara. It has been like this as long as I can remember and my level of fitness doesn't affect it at all. When I was running buku miles everyday I still got beet red, I noticed myself in the mirror at the gym last night and suddenly all the panicked looks people had been giving me made sense.

Ok, so anyone know why my face does this? Any fix-it ideas?


Lori said...

no idea. let me ask my resident medical person and get back to you.

Shaun and Emily said...

No ideas about the red face problem? Congrats on moving. I'm so glad your dad wasn't hurt in the "train crash". Can't say much about the truck it was hurt! Good luck with all the changes of moving and new job venture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly.
Sometimes its just being fair skinned and blue eyed. Cache turns really red. I do too,.
I also turn really red in the heat. I have had people ask me if I'm ok before.
I hate it.